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We look forward to building your custom home here in Northwest Arkansas.

At GB Group Construction, we've developed an effective process that provides a first-class building experience from start to finish.

Get Started With Gb Group Construction

Here's what to expect in an initial meeting:

  • 1. SCOPE

    Together, we’ll discuss the scope of your project and look over your house plans or architectural renderings. If your house plans are not yet finalized, we can assist through final steps as needed. If you’re still searching for best plans, we’re happy to provide direction.

  • 2. PROCESS

    We’ll discuss with you the process of building a custom home with GB Group Construction.


    You’ll leave this meeting with solid direction for next steps in the process of building your custom home. You’ll leave with your specific questions answered. If you need references for draftspersons or architects, we have them. If you plan to purchase land, or have already purchased, we can visit the property and provide site perspective.

Please Note: We typically serve clients who are looking to build homes $950K and above. If you would like to proceed with scheduling a meeting, click here to fill out our contact form. You are also welcome to call 479.464.7336 to schedule your appointment.

Picture of a Custom Home Built In Fayetteville By Gb Group

Will you bid my custom home project?

We typically do not bid our custom home projects. Our clients select us because they love our work and are excited about the building experience that we promise to provide. We look for rapport in our initial meetings, and if we see that we would make a good partnership to create the custom home that the client is looking to build, then we enter into the process together. From there, we work with our clients on cost analysis to get the project to fit within the budget parameters.
Photo of a Custom Home Built In South East Fayetteville By Gb Group

How long will it take you to build my home?

Remember, good things take some time, and your home is not something you want to shortcut. Obviously, the answer to this question can vary greatly based on the size of your home, however, 10-18 months is the range to expect.

Also keep in mind, much of the schedule depends on the layout of the land you are building on, the season of the year you begin building, the size of your home, and the detail and structure of your house plans.