• We are pleased with the work that GB Group put forth. The final product really reflects the vision we had for our home. We love it!

    Dustin and Lora Murphy / Fayetteville
  • When we planned our home addition, we chose GB Construction Group because they were friendly and interested in the design we had developed.  Jacob consulted with us on every detail, and made sure our vision came true.  The addition is beautiful, well-built, and is everything we hoped it would be. Everyone who sees it is impressed with the work they have done.  They have also followed up to make sure that any small problems are fixed promptly.  I would not hesitate to recommend GB Construction Group to anyone looking for a quality building team.

    Marcia Gilbreath / Fayetteville
  • Jacob did a great job of keeping us involved in the process with pictures and regular updates. He also worked with us at the beginning of our project, helping us revise the plan to fit our budget while keeping our must-have features. We love our home!

    Ron and Vicki Metsers / Siloam Springs
    Ron and Vicki Metsers
  • GB Group was fast, efficient, and did a great job on our home. Thanks, Jacob!

    Donny and Robyn Hubbard / Springdale
    Owner - The Independent, Men's Clothing
    Donny and Robyn Hubbard
  • We have really enjoyed working with GB Group as they have been open and honest with us during our project.  The guys have worked well, knew what they needed to do, and communicated daily.

    Daniel & Jane Bullock / Bella Vista
  • Working with Jacob and all the guys with GB Group Inc. has been a pleasure.  When we embarked on our renovation/addition project, we really didn’t know what to expect.  Our project was not your standard cookie-cutter type project and it involved a lot of rather uncommon building materials and techniques.  GB Group has really been up to the task in figuring out the best methods of building our dream home and has done so while upholding the highest levels of quality workmanship.  They take a tremendous amount of pride in their work.
    We would absolutely recommend GB Group Inc. to anyone thinking about building a new home, or starting a renovation/addition to their existing home.

    Mike White and Bao Bui / Fayetteville
  • We are so pleased with our new kitchen renovated by GB Group Construction. Jacob, Joe, Bryant, Dave and the whole crew were patient, professional and a joy to work with on our latest project. Going forward, we will always use and recommend GB Group.

    Brad and Sherri Fry / Fayetteville
  • Jacob and his crew installed windows and sliding glass doors in our 50+ year old house and did a fantastic job. The guys were just great and very professional. They knew what they were doing and we could not be happier with the work.

    Terry & Jane Morten / Fayetteville
  • GB Group was able to take a vision in our heads of what we wanted our new kitchen to look like and make it a reality. They were great to work with and were able to accommodate every last-minute change we threw at them to get the finished look we were going for.


    Mike and Jessica Castagna / Siloam Springs
    Mike and Jessica Castagna
  • I am a hands on type person and I ask lots and lots of questions.  Jacob kept answering them with the “patience of Job!” GB Group transformed the paper plan into our real living space. Thanks guys.

    Mark & Karel Hayre / Centerton
    Mark & Karel Hayre
  • Jacob and the GB Group Crew were quick, efficient, and careful.  The final product is exactly what we were hoping for! 

    Thank you GB Group!

    Bryan Jones / Springdale
    Bryan Jones
  • "Jacob is methodical, aims to please, listens to the customer, and works hard to make them happy. He also has a competent and friendly crew. We definitely recommend Jacob and GB Group Construction to others."

    David & Andrea Fournet / Fayetteville
    Owners - Arkansas Yoga Center
    David & Andrea Fournet
  • This entire process has been easy, simple, and stress-free. Thanks guys!

    Rex and Haley Holstein / Springdale
  • Being first time homeowners in Arkansas, we had no idea who to contact for a renovation.  After hiring two “mistakes”, we attended the NWA Home Show where we met Jacob, owner of GB Group Construction.  With our project now complete, we have seen that Jacob’s goals for each project are honesty, no stress for the homeowners, and an eye for improvement on current plans.  He is always open to change. For us, this resulted in a renovation far beyond our expectations!  To us, referrals are essential.  They deserve an A+++!

    Doug and Tamie Ellis / Fayetteville
  • It was a pleasure working with people that cared about the project, kept a positive attitude, and were always so polite and kind.  We are thrilled with the results.

    Al & Lois Haase / Bella Vista
  • My goal was to bring the outside in and I think we achieved that. I am looking forward to enjoying my new covered deck!.

    Cora Davis / Rogers
  • GB Group Construction really captured our vision for these bathrooms. They made possible two beautiful bathroom transformations from two very awkward and confined spaces. Thanks for the personal service, attention to detail, and all the hard work.

    Philip and Kristen Thomas / Rogers
  • I appreciated the fact that GB Group’s bid was very detailed and economical. They gave me suggestions for vendors with good values and I was happy with how accurate their pricing came out compared to what I actually spent.  They were willing to re-use existing fixtures, which was very important to me for both bathrooms; I was very satisfied with the result. They were also very open to working around my schedule to minimize any disruption during the project work.

    Brad Roberts / Fayetteville
  • Jacob and his team did a fabulous job and we’re just thrilled with the results.  He was very flexible in terms of making changes and adding things in as the project developed and we felt his pricing on the adjustments was fair.  We really enjoyed working with him and we just love the renovations!

    Mike & Beth Sylvester / Fayetteville
  • We appreciated the quality of GB Group’s work, the attention to detail, and the ability to make needed adjustments on the fly.  We really enjoyed working with Jacob and his crew.

    Mark Tocco / Fayetteville
    Mark Tocco
  • Jacob and his team at GB Group were professional, thorough, and performed quality work at a fair price, I would use them again without hesitation.

    Kip Guthrie / Springdale
    Kip Guthrie
  • Our home project was completed quickly and easily.  We will be using them again for any future needs!

    Josh & Tracy Mauldin / Fayetteville
    Josh & Tracy Mauldin
  • We LOVE our office renovation.  GB Group was fast, efficient, worked after hours, and got the job done right.  Thank you guys!

    Drs. Denny and Mandy Warren / Fayetteville
    Owners - Generations Health & Wellness Center
    Drs. Denny and Mandy Warren
  • I have used GB Group services four times now because they work hard to offer green and cost-saving alternatives.  Jacob took the worry and stress away from my home renovation.

    Janay Corey / Springdale
    Janay Corey
  • Jacob Tankersley knows his stuff. His local connections and knowledge of construction and sustainability have helped us with the smooth renovation of Eco Modern Flats. GB Group is the company you want to use if you're looking for someone easy to work with and a job well-done. I have known Jacob for over 13 years—and you can trust him with the build of your home.

    Jeremy Hudson / Springdale
    Owner - MC3 Multifamily
    Jeremy Hudson
  • GB Group doesn’t mess around.  They completed my home renovation project exactly as I expected, on time, and with no issues.  Jacob is a great guy who is making things happen—he definitely knows his construction.  I will use him again for sure, and I recommend him to everyone I know.

    Derek LaFargue / Fayetteville
    Derek LaFargue
  • Jacob has now done a couple of projects for me and I am nothing but extremely happy with the top quality work he consistently delivers. His knowledge and experience combined with the professionalism he exhibits make working with Jacob a satisfying experience.  I would highly recommend Jacob and GB Group to anyone looking for a qualified contractor.

    Steven Dixon / Fayetteville
    Steven Dixon
  • Jacob completed our home project just like we wanted it.  Thanks to GB Group, we now enjoy extra space where we can spend time with family and friends—and the outdoors too.

    Steve & Andrea Dittmore / Springdale
    Steve & Andrea Dittmore
  • Jacob consistently takes care of business with every project I ask his company to complete. I have used him on 10+ projects for all my various properties, and keep using his company because I am impressed with GB Group's efficiency and quality. Jacob is trustworthy and reliable. Not only do I know they will get the job done but I know it will be done correctly. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a job well done."

    Caitlin LaFargue / Fayetteville
    Caitlin LaFargue
  • I have known Jacob personally for eleven years now—a few of those early years were spent working within the same construction company.   Now we're connected because Jacob is a loyal member of the NWA Home Builder Associatoon.  Jacob is a great guy; friendly and really easy to get along with.  I can personally speak to his high professionalism and knowledge of the construction industry.

    Brenda Jones / Springdale
    Accounts Manager - Northwest Arkansas Home Builders Association
    Brenda Jones
  • GB finished our home project fast and without any complications.  We will be calling back for sure, and we are recommending them to all our friends and family.

    Chad & Jennifer Ford / Fayetteville
    Chad & Jennifer Ford
  • I can speak to the high integrity of Jacob and his building company.  We have been friends through our church for eleven years now, and he is a great guy.  I would trust him with my home building project in a heartbeat.

    Josh Foliart / Fayetteville
    - Multipli International
    Josh Foliart
  • Jacob is THE BEST contractor I've ever used-- here in NWA, in San Diego, or in Rochester, NY.  He was professional, efficient, and friendly.   He gave us peace of mind during the entire process.  He had quick responses and got the job done on time, on budget, and exactly how we wanted it."

    Skip & Rebecca Rowland / Fayetteville
    Skip & Rebecca Rowland
  • Everyone at GB Group was very professional and friendly. The quality of the work was excellent. Jacob was great at handling unexpected set-backs and delivering good results. When a gas line kept us from redoing our shower as planned, he was ready with solutions right off the bat. The changes in our floor plan make the space very functional for us. The bamboo flooring is very nice. We also liked the effort to reuse materials whenever possible. This was a positive experience for us---nothing like the stories we've heard from friends who've worked with other contractors.

    Ron & Diane Warren / Fayetteville
    Ron & Diane Warren
  • "We had a wonderful experience, I love all of your crew members.  Everything was handled in a timely manner (even in extreme weather), and we were able to make the most of our insurance dollars."

    Darin & Emily Summers / Springdale
  • Thank you for your great service!

    Edith Sol Quezada / Springdale


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