The GB Group Difference

How do we guarantee an exceptional experience?

1. We are a communication station

We are a communication station
  • Availability to your builder is important.  We have a streamlined, systemize approach to make sure you are meeting with us consistently throughout the build of your home--ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • You will receive weekly updates via email summarizing and comparing the master schedule to where we are with the build of your home, so that you know exactly what is going on with your project.
  • We offer online access to see the continual progress of your home--which provides the capability to share your home being built with family and friends!

2. We insist on staying on schedule

We insist on staying on schedule
  • We conduct a daily review of your project's current status in comparison with the master schedule target points.
  • Systems are in place to hold us accountable to you and ourselves on a daily and weekly basis, maintaining that we are consistently on track and on schedule for the target completion date.
  • We GUARANTEE we will be done by the date we put in the contract--otherwise we pay you big $$$ in cold, hard cash for EVERY DAY we aren't. (And that's a guarantee that goes into your contract.)


3. Our clients trust us

Our clients trust us
  • We pride ourselves in being of the highest integrity: on the jobsite, in the office, with our words, with our actions, and with the way we handle you as our client.
  • This is evident in the way we do business, but if you don't know us, check around. We are confident you will hear the same.


4. We lay it all out on the table

We lay it all out on the table
  • From the very beginning of our relationship with you, it's all out on the table.
  • We work with you to make sure you know all of your options.
  • Then, we make sure you understand all parts of the contract come signing time, so you know what to expect, for what price, and in what amount of time--and then you can count on us to follow through.


5. We do things green

We do things green
  • We won't make any apologies here. Building with stewardship is at the heart of what we do. We are responsible for building a healthy home for you and your family.
  • When building your custom home, you have the option to build green. GB Group Construction’s Green Program meets all the NWA Green Building Code Standards and regulations for home construction, which requires strict compliance and third party verification procedures.
  • A home’s envelope (the wall structure), mechanicals, and energy sources are all interdependent systems that work together. Other details play a part in energy efficiency as well, like your home’s orientation on your lot or land. During the design of your home, we consider variables such as how many windows may face east or west and the specific location your home will be placed. We like to discuss with you more effective insulation options, high performance window choices, tight construction techniques and the most efficient HVAC equipment for your specific home.
  • The Green Built Program requires an independent third-party inspection, which provides a strong advantage over “code built” homes and older homes that are currently for sale in the market. Our uncompromising commitment to build with energy efficiency brings long-term value to your home. Simply put, our homes are comfortable to live in. We take the art and science of building a home seriously, and that’s something you’ll notice every time you enter through your front door.


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