Getting Started

Ready to get going? First things first. Start by ordering your FREE BOOK to help you prepare for the home building process.

After that, we recommend setting up a meeting with us.

This is what's involved in that meeting:
  • House Plan Analysis

    This discussion, review, and analysis will help us better understand your needs. If you already have house plans but they are not yet finalized, we will work with you through the final steps.

  • Discuss Our Process

    This will give you the big picture of exactly what's like to build with us.

  • Starting You Off in The Right Direction

    You will leave this meeting with the contacts and ideas you need to take the next step in the process of building your new custom home. If you need draftsman or architect references, we have them. If you are looking to purchase land or a subdivision lot, we can visit the property and give you perspective on that as well. You'll leave this meeting with many of your questions answered.

Please Note: We typically serve clients who are looking to build homes $400K and above. If you would like to proceed with scheduling a meeting, click here to fill out our contact form. You are also welcome to call 479.464.7336 to schedule your appointment.

Frequently asked questions:


What's the difference between an estimate and a price?

An "Estimate" is just that, "an Estimate". It can change based on the amount of time passed before a solid contract is signed. We do our best to create estimates that are accurate and the same as the actual contract price. Usually changes in cost that would occur are due to material/labor cost fluctuations since the time of the estimate. Sometimes, when preparing an estimate, you as the homeowner may not have a specific lot yet chosen. Lot or land topography can affect the cost of building your home. Again, we do our best to ensure the estimate is very close to the contract price, and usually, if not much time has elapsed between the estimate and the contract signing, and the house plans and lot specifications are in full detail from the very beginning, the price is usually the same as the original estimate.

A "Price" is generally fixed (depending on your written agreement) and is usually based on more detailed information taken from a site visit, drawings, and detailed home plans. A hard building price requires a fixed set of specifications and scope of work, and therefore requires a great deal of "pre-planning" and designing. This method is the best in the way of price protection compared to that of an estimate, which typically includes less detail and no "hard" pricing.


How long will it take you to build my home?

Remember, good things take some time, and your home is not something you want to shortcut. Obviously, the answer to this question can vary greatly, based on the size of your home, however, 6-12 months is the range to expect. A more specific schedule estimate can be made after looking at your specific house plans.

Also keep in mind, much of the schedule depends on the layout of the land you are building on, the season of the year you begin building, the size of your home, and the detail and structure of your house plans.