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A useful way to lower your utility bills.

Hello, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall weather. In this week's video I give a simple but very useful tip on lowering your utility bills. Watch now to learn more.


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Foundations Repair

In this week's video I explain some of the most common foundation problems and how they can be repaired for a long-lasting house.



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How to take care of your landscape in a dry spell

August is around the corner and that means dry weather for our landscape.  Watch this video to learn a few  tips on how to take care of your landscape in a dry spell season.


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Door Shower Options

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Or perhaps, you may just be thinking about upgrading your showers doors?  Anyways, watch this video to learn more about shower door options and how they can enhance the look of your bathroom.


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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Watch this video to learn how to protect your crawl-space from rot, mold and moisture.


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Types of Home Building Contracts

In this week's video, I explore various contract options when building or renovating.  Watch to find out more.



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