Where is the best spot to put an island in my kitchen?

Where is the best spot to put an island in my kitchen?

Here are a few things to think about when designing your kitchen:

1. Always remember the appliance triangle: Fridge, range, and sink—sink being the most important. You don’t want the island to get in the way of the kitchen triangle, and the kitchen triangle rule-of-thumb is sum of all legs should not be less the 10’ and no more than 25’ for best function.

2. Max out the island with extra storage on the back side.

3. Rule of thumb is if your kitchen is less than 8’x12’ then an island is probably not a good idea.

4. Island shouldn’t be smaller than 2’x4’. If you want to go big, just remember that most granite slabs are about 5’x11’—if you’d like to avoid having a seam in the counter top.

5. You really need a minimum of 4’ between island and other cabinets. More is better.

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