What are the different material options I have for my driveway?

What are the different material options I have for my driveway?

I have had many people ask lately about the different options and cost of driveway materials. Here are the main three:

1.  The least expensive is gravel driveways.

You can spice this up by picking different stones. I would encourage you to use a black landscape fabric under the gravel and some sort of edge. This will keep the gravel in, and the weeds out. 


2. Next is typically concrete.

I say typically because after your driveway gets to be over 300’ long or so, asphalt starts to compete when it comes to pricing. A concrete drive should be no smaller that 9’ wide. If you are wanting your driveway to allow two cars to pass side by side without running off, the driveway needs to be a minimum of 20’ wide. Make sure you add expansion joints every 10-12 feet so that the concrete has release points. A wise man told me once: “I can promise you two things about concrete: It will get hard, and it will crack.” Expansion joints tell the concrete where to crack, if and when it does. Concrete will last longer than asphalt.


3. Third is asphalt.

Due to all the equipment that it takes to lay asphalt, like I said above, you have to make it worth the while to lay it. The drive needs to be longer. Once the crew is there, they can lay tons of asphalt in a day, and you can drive on the asphalt almost immediately. 

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