Staircases for your Custom Home

Staircases for your Custom Home

Every multi-story house needs at least one set of staircases. They are an important part of the design/building process because staircases come in different size, shape and price. Typically, staircases fall in one of two categories: fancy or plain.

Fancy Staircases

A grand staircase is one of the few opportunities in a new home’s design for the architect to have fun and truly define the character of the home and its occupants.

While a basic staircase might have a fairly standard-sized step, a nicer one might have a circular shape and a customized step size. Six inches high and 12 inches deep is fairly standard, though Koss says most people prefer a stair that’s a bit lower and deeper.

Along with its size and shape, a staircase’s building materials can also make a huge difference between a plain staircase and one that’s decidedly upscale.

Many homeowners prefer high-quality natural materials like any type of hardwood or any type of real stone for a staircase that’s both beautiful and low-maintenance. Fancy staircases are more expensive, but they look amazing and last longer.

Plain Staircases

Plain staircases are often built out of sight, rather than at the home’s front entrance.
A plain staircase doesn’t have to be a straight run of 30 steps from one floor to the next because they take too much space. Typically, you build a few steps, then you make a left on a small landing, then go left again and up another few steps. You can also put a nice big-sized window where you make the turn to open it up and let in some natural light

One way to keep the cost of a staircase low is to use carpet or laminates on the stairs. These materials aren’t as durable as hardwood or stone and will have to be replaced more often over time due to normal wear.

Staircase Safety

Something of outmost importance in both kind of staircases is safety. Stair falls are one of the major causes of unintentional injuries and deaths in a home. Therefore, homeowners should exercise good judgment about safety with any type of staircase.

Handrails should be installed on both sides of all staircases, they need to be well lid, free of items they can cause someone to trip and, if kids are present, it is recommended to install temporary gates at the top and the bottom of the staircase.

If you have any questions about staircases just let us know. We’d be happy to answer all your questions and explain the process more in detail for your particular need.

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