10 upgrades that you should incorporate into your custom home

10 upgrades that you should incorporate into your custom home

There are some custom home upgrades that you can skip to lower your overall costs, but there are those that, although not necessarily detrimental to exclude, are a must to improve the look of your custom home and maximize your return on investment. 

These upgrades are:

  1. Extra garage.  Everyone has more to store than they think.
  2. Raised ceilings. This is an option that makes your home feel more spacious. By raising the ceilings, your windows can also become taller, bringing in more light.
  3. Solid surface counter tops may seem like a larger up-front expense.  And they are.  But, they improve both aesthetics and resale value.
  4. 3 way light switches or lights that can be turned off in various places are helpful, especially in open floor plans.  Think through your floor plan and how you may enter and exit rooms and hallways, and whether you may want two or more switches for individual lights or sections of your home.
  5. A fire pit or BBQ natural gas line can easily be added now.  
  6. Raise your fireplace and add a hearth.  This is especially great in a two-story room to help give balance and scale to the room.  Raising the fireplace usually doesn’t cost extra, but the hearth will.
  7. Central vacuum. Even if you can’t purchase the entire system, you should at least consider having your builder wire/prep for it during the construction. You can always add the equipment later.
  8. Wire for home audio and theater speakers.  As along as the wiring is in place and pulled down a little through the drywall, the speakers can be installed anytime.
  9. Skylight or Solar tubes are a great addition, especially in area’s without windows like an upstairs bathroom.  These are not the easiest DIY and, in order not to be liable for leaks, let your builder install these.
  10. Energy Saver Equipment. There are so many ways to save on your energy bills beyond buying the right kitchen appliances. Tankless water heaters, as well as plumbing and air-conditioning with high efficiency ratings, can make a huge difference almost immediately and are totally worth upgrading to.

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