How much more will it cost me to paint brick?

How much more will it cost me to paint brick?

Great question!

Painted brick is becoming popular. The good part about painting brick is that it doesn't matter what the brick underneath looks like, as long as it has some texture. A lot of brick factories will sell seconds—the brick did not meet the specs, and can't be sold as top quality. That doesn't mean the brick isn't strong enough. Most of the time, it is a color matching issue that relegates the brick to the "seconds" pile. You can buy these bricks for a discounted price—not enough to compensate for the paint, but it does help to offset a bit of the added cost.

Standard brick installation is typically going to run between $5 and $6 per square foot of wall space, labor and materials included in that price. Painting the brick will add close to $2 per square foot to the total cost of labor and material. If you can find a discounted brick you might be able to cut the added cost in half.

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