Creating the Home that Fits You

Creating the Home that Fits You

Your home is an expression of who you are. You also have to live there.

Your space needs to be functional. Before you design and build your custom home, think about your habits. The ways you move about your house. Some of these “moving” habits may make sense to integrate into your next home. Others will change when you design exactly what you want. (For example, in your current home you may be putting heavy items up high because that is the only cabinet space where they can fit. Not ideal for your next home.) Go through your home and think about how you “move” through your house. Where do you store things? Where do you keep items you use daily? How can they be optimally located in your next house? Here are ten ideas to get the wheels turning:

1) Storage Space. Where do you keep towels? Laundry baskets? Seasonal items? What about items you use only on a monthly basis? Weekly basis? Daily? Make sure you include necessary storage spots throughout your home to make your life easier.

2) Drawers & kitchen cabinets. How do you move throughout your kitchen? What size of drawers and cabinets do you need for the utensils and appliances? What do you reach for the most? The least?

3) Step Stools. Will you need step stools in certain areas for accessing items? Do you have an appropriate location to store the stool for easy access, but where it will not be in the way of daily activity? Would you possibly want built-in stools?  Perhaps in the bathrooms for young children?

4) Computer jacks/other electronic devices. Where do you use your electronics in your home? Do you want the area away from the main living spaces, or intertwined with other living spaces?

5) Mudroom flow/function. How do you “dismantle” when you come home? Do you take off your jacket or shoes first? Where do you store bags, backpacks, purses, sports equipment, etc?

6) A place for the clutter. Where do you put your mail before you go through it? Bills to be paid? Children’s school assignments? Extra magazines? Random paraphernalia? Where would you like this to be stored in your custom home?

7) Let in the rays. Where do you want to see sunlight? Do you like it while you prepare food? Read? Work out? Plan the right type of windows in the areas where you would like to get the most sunlight.

8) Convenient entrances. How do you come and go from your home now? How would you like to? Do you like the idea of multiple entrances for easier access outdoors/indoors? Do you work/play outside a lot? Where would you most like to enter your home once you are finished with your outdoor activities?

9) Closet organization. What do your reach for most in your closet? Do you like dressing space inside the closet? How much room will you need? Will you use your master closet to store anything besides clothing items? What about other closets? What will you store in each bedroom or spare rooms? Design shelving accordingly.

10) Garage. What do you use the garage for? More than just parking cars? What kind of storage units do you need in your garage to accommodate your hobbies? Leave extra space where needed. 

It may seem like a lot to think about, but better now than after your home is already built. Ask yourself these questions and get a better idea of what you want and need. Then, give us a call when you’re ready to take the next step. 479.464.7336

We'd love to talk to you more about building your custom home in the Northwest Arkansas area. Our company, GB Group Construction, is a local, family-owned business located in Springdale, AR. We build custom homes and complete large home renovations in Northwest Arkansas. Jacob Tankersley is the general contractor and home builder.
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